The River Brent Catchment Partnership 

The River Brent Catchment Partnership (BCP) is a group of organisations who are committed to improving the rivers, brooks and streams within the River Brent catchment in North and West London. The catchment includes four WFD river water bodies plus two lakes and the Grand Union Canal, and intersects with five Local Authorities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve and enhance all watercourses within the River Brent Catchment, making them cleaner, more accessible and more attractive, to benefit local communities and wildlife. Our overall ambition is for catchment-wide thinking with local action.

How Do We Work Together

The BCP is an informal network where members can share information, make plans and work together. The members - charities, community groups, borough councils, private businesses and government agencies - have been meeting regularly since 2010 and will keep working together to raise funds in order to achieve its aims. Taking a collaborative, evidence based, 'grass roots' approach means that decision-making can involve local stakeholders: individuals, groups and organisations who are most affected by the outcomes.

The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA)

The Catchment Based Approach or CaBA was launched by Defra in 2013 as a mechanism for delivering the objectives of the UK River Basin Management Plans, required by UK Regulations set in 2003 (to deliver European Community Water Framework Directive, 2000/60/EC).

CaBA is delivered through Catchment Partnerships formed of local people, organisations and statutory bodies and working collaboratively across all the catchments in England with the support of the Association of Rivers Trusts to help meet targets set under the UK WFD Regulations..

Thames21 is the Catchment Host, developing and facilitating the partnership and catchment action plan; building strong relationships with local communities, businesses and organisations; fundraising and sharing knowledge about sustainable water and river management; bringing together ideas and energy to improve our River Brent water bodies. 

How the BCP Works

BCP ToR and Strategic Agreement

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

2014Jan 2014; Jul 2014; Oct 2014;

2015Feb 2015; Jun 2015; Nov 2015;

2016Feb 2016; Jun 2016; Sep 2016;

2017Jan 2017; Nov 2017

2018 - Jan 2018; 

Special Meeting Minutes

Funding workshop - Mar 2018

Working Groups Minutes

Catchment Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) Working GroupNov 2016; Jan 2017;

Catchment Toe-boarding Removal Working GroupBCP Toe-Boarding Report; Dec 2016; Feb 2017;

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