Who We Are

The Brent Catchment Partnership (BCP) is a group of organisations who are committed to improving the rivers in the Brent catchment in North and West London.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve and enhance the rivers within the Brent Catchment, making them cleaner, more accessible and more attractive, to benefit local communities and wildlife.

How Do We Work Together

The BCP is an informal network where members can share information, make plans and work together. The members - charities, community groups, borough councils, private businesses and government agencies - have been meeting regularly since 2010 and will keep working together to raise funds in order to achieve its aims.

The Catchment Host

Thames21 is facilitating the partnership by building strong relationships to involve more communities, businesses and local organisations so that we get as many people as possible working to improve our waterbodies. We want catchment wide thinking with local action.

Documents Setting How BCP Works

BCP ToR and Strategic Agreement

Steering Group Meeting Minutes


January 2014; July 2014; October 2014;


February 2015; June 2015; November 2015;


February 2016; June 2016; September 2016;


January 2017; 

Working Groups Minutes

Catchment Invasive Non Native Species Control Working Group Minutes

Workshop November 2016; January 2017;

Catchment Toe-boarding Removal Working Group Minutes

BCP Toe-Boarding Report; December 2016; February 2017;

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