Donate your recycling points to improve continuity of the riverside path at Bitterns Field by building some steps as a volunteering task in winter 2016. 

Call all Ealing residents to register with GreenRedeem so that you can donate your points to this project. When registering for the first time, please fill the Advocate ID with "LGP" and 25 points will be allocated to fund this project as your future recycling points. The full cost of making these 20 steps is £1,500. A full proposal has been screened and selected by GreenRedeem has selected in January 2016 for its innovative and sustainable approach and community involvement elements.

The project will create a new way of thinking and behaving towards river natural features in contrast with the past when following a 10m erosion, a decision was taken to block access to the original low level path by erecting a wooden fence at either end to divert the entire riverside footpath (400m) onto the higher level path at Bitterns Field in Hanwell. River bank erosion is a natural feature recovering aesthetic and habitat value in contrast with man-made featureless straightened
channels which we often see in cities.

Because of this river section’s aesthetic appeal and educational opportunities, this project will assist schools, families, youth groups and residents’ natural desire for coming this way and learning about their environment. Pass-byers, dog walkers and other local residents have been interested in finding out more about the visible improvements made in this stretch of river where natural processes have been facilitated using various river enhancement techniques leading to cleaner gravel for fish to spawn.

Improved scope for river walks, informal accidental explanations, by-passers observing
conservation work, new people joining in a river restoration event or a river-clean-up are only few of the many educational opportunities that this project will enable.

This project will enhance people’s access to one of the best stretches of the River Brent re-establishing an uninterrupted riverside corridor along the Capital Ring. Local residents will be encouraged to safely access the riverside path at Bitterns Field in Hanwell for recreation, community volunteering and educational opportunities.




Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting.