In 2015-16, the Welsh Harp has been experiencing a Reinassance. We are really thrilled and would like to share with you some of the news.

This Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Brent Catchment stretching between Wembley, Hendon, Neasden and Colindale has  been home to a vibrant wildlife population for many years but since 2015 a community group and environmental charities, Thames21 and the London Wildlife Trust have started new ventures. 

For many years Wildlife and in particular the spectacular birds have been surveyed and protected by the long established Welsh Harp Conservation Group. They have just published their 2015 report with great pictures and insight. 

A new enthusiastic group, started by Daniella Levine in 2015 after taking Thames21 training in Leading a Waterway Clean-up, the Friends of the Welsh Harp Reservoir is fantastic in organising regular monthly events throughout the year focusing on litter picking. The group has a very friendly and collaborative approach with other groups. Joint events with the Phoenix Canoe and Sailing Club and the Welsh Harp Conservation Group transform a litter picking expedition into fun packed outings including boats, kayaks, experienced bird watchers opening their hides, and much more...

The novelties are not finished. Two environmental charities are expanding their work at the Welsh Harp.

Thames21 is running the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre and offers education sessions to schools. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and education offers.

The London Wildlife Trust is recruiting a Conservation Officer for the Welsh Harp.




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