Litter accumulated at Brent Lodge on the River Brent has been at the centre of attention for months and it has sparked several community river clean-ups with Thames21, the intervention of the Environment Agency contracting a tree specialist and of course the Ealing park rangers and Amey.

Although, it is not an isolated or unusual scene, what is most impressive is that organisations and people acted together and volunteered their time in the interest of the environment.

Thames21 led three events so far: one in spring and two in summer so far. A total of 38 black bags, large items and three skips of recyclables have been collected which are contributing to Ealing Council recycling targets. Since the giagantic poplar tree was removed on Friday 15th June and the dry summer weather has kept water levels low, it has been possible to remove litter from upstream of the dam made of natural material like sticks, logs and silt. The river bed scur in proximity of the dam is quite deep and all volunteers have been kept at a safe distance.

The park near this river stretch is well used. The channel and banks would benefit from community clean-ups and activities. Would you like to start a Friends of Group for this park and river stretch? Get in touch with Thames21 officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thames21 offers training in leading waterways clean-up too! Find out more in the link above. There are already several leaders around Ealing and you can join a vibrant network of people interested in improving their parks and rivers.







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