Dear Friends of the Brent Catchment Partnership,

Hope you're all very well, keeping strong and safe despite all the challenges of Covid-19

Despite having to postpone all events and adapt the way we're delivering projects, the Brent Catchment Partnership is as busy as ever, working remotely and making use of technology to hold meetings online.

With safe practices in place, River Brent partners are continuting to take forward improvements and keep everyone connected with the Brent rivers, streams and wetlands as they continue to flow and provide their benefits and services whilst we are in lockdown.

As your Brent Catchment Partnership host, I'll be keeping the wheels turning..

  • keeping communications going to let river Brent friends and stakeholders know what is happening with local river plans, projects or activities and other news via the BCP newsletter and other social media @YourRiverBrent
  • working on new web pages for the catchment partnership and online catchment action plan to keep everyone updated on the ‘big picture’ for the river Brent
  • developing and progressing new and existing projects that will deliver the river improvements outlined in catchment action plan and benefit local communities
  • fundraising for projects and activities in the catchment action plan, to prepare for when restrictions are lifted.

If you are able to get out for some exercise down by your local riverside, do take time to notice and enjoy nature!

And if you’re inspired to take and post photographs on social media, please do include tags for @YourRiverBrent @Thames21 and #Riverwatch to keep our vibrant river community connected!

Please feel welcome to email photographs of your local rivers – the good, the bad and even the ugly! .... we’re looking into how we can support more badged groups and project based clean ups; and continue with healthy river action and awareness training as soon as they can be resumed safely or via online resources.

Please also continue to report signs of gross pollution and blockages which may increase the risk of flooding to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060

If you would like more news about what’s happening in other river catchments, please sign up to the Thames21 newsletter here. You can also read the most recent newsletter about Our Rivers Can Help Us here.

And if you would like me to add your name to the River Brent newsletter, please get in touch here

Take care and stay safe!


River Brent Catchment Partnership Manager

The River Brent Catchment Partnership has updated its Twitter ID to @YourRiverBrent

Follow us for news, updates and information on @YourRiverBrent, the BCP, citizen science, sustainable urban river and water management and more...

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